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Coverage Options

Mopeds & Scooters


Basic Loss Damage Waiver

  • $25/Day
  • 100.00 USD Damage Deductible
  • 1,000.00 USD Theft, Totaled, or Any Frame Damage Deductible
  • No Tire Coverage
  • Renter pays a service fee should Roadside Assistance be needed

Premium Loss Damage Waiver

  • $35/Day
  • 00.00 USD Damage Deductible
  • 500.00 USD Theft, Totaled, or Any Frame Damage Deductible
  • Flat tire Coverage
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance


Motorcycle Loss Damage Waiver

  • $35/Day
  • 1,500.00 USD Damage Deductible
  • 1,500.00 USD Theft/Totaled Deductible
  • Flat Tire Coverage
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Cars & Slingshots


Loss Damage Waiver

  • $35/Day
  • Limits financial responsibility for any minor damage to the Car or Slingshot to 500.00 USD
  • Any major damage or theft we would pay insurance deductible of up to 1,000.00 USD
  • Should you choose to use your personal insurance, you are still responsible for any damage costs at the time of your return. Then you would go through your insurance company for reimbursement
Note there is no Flat Tire Coverage or 24/7 Roadside Assistance offered on these vehicles.

Flat Tire Policy

Tires on all of our vehicles are changed at or before the wear reaches 20% of a new tire. In addition, all tire pressures are checked prior to any rental of said vehicle. Therefore, any blowout and/or flat tire that occurs during a rental would become your financial responsibility. You may reduce that exposure through our coverages offered below. Please no shoulder riding. 

No Flat Tire Coverage: Renter is liable for the full cost of labor & repair costs, as well as the full price of a new tire should total tire damage occur.

Flat Tire Coverage: Covers tire repair and labor costs. In the event of total tire damage, renter is only liable for half the value of the replacement tire.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Upkeep and maintenance of our rental fleet is performed consistently on a daily basis, with an operating in-house mechanic. However, unforeseen circumstances or incidents may during any rental. In such cases, the customer will be held responsible for the entire amount of the tow if the coverage with Roadside Assistance is not selected. 

No Roadside Assistance: Renter is liable for the full cost of towing, pickup, and/or service fees as needed. These fees vary from $25-$75 for mopeds and scooters but range much higher for motorcycles. 

24/7 Roadside Assistance: Renter is given access to a 3rd party towing service to use in the event in which it is needed. Included in select coverage options. 

These policies allow us to continue offering competitive rates with quality customer service, while also encouraging responsible and safe use of our vehicles. We appreciate your understanding of this policy as we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Mahalo